About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name as you might have guessed is Amy. As of January 2018 I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in southeast Ireland and have recently moved back there after graduating from college. I am starting life after graduation, also known as adulthood, and am desperately trying to figure it all out. This blog will document everything I encounter in adult life, from general lifestyle to beauty bits to book/movies/tv show reviews and everything in between. Join me as I delve into adulthood and learn what it takes to survive.

I have wanted to start a blog for years but either never found the time or struggled with post ideas or was unhappy with my layout (I am a closet perfectionist). But I’ve finally decided that it is time to jump head first into the world of blogging and try to find my place.

I hope to keep this up for a long time as I am brimming with ideas for posts! For now I am going to post only one post a week (Mondays at 4pm GMT) until I find my feet and feel comfortable increasing the pressure on myself to write more 😛

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, please leave comments letting me know what you think and share the love. I am very interested in getting stuck in and immersing myself into the blogging community! Anyone want to be friends? 😉 😀