The beginning of something new

January 8, 2018


My name is Amy and I am 23 years old from Ireland. I am a recent graduate and have now officially entered the world of adulthood, or so I have been told. Honestly, I don’t know what I am doing with my life (does anyone ever?) If you ask me where I am going to be in a year I couldn’t tell you, I couldn’t even tell you where I am going to be next week! In my opinion adulthood is made up of feelings of being lost, misunderstood, confused, low self-esteem…basically it’s like being a teenager but with more responsibility!

Life after graduation hasn’t been easy. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am six months unemployed and learning how much that sucks! However, I am finally starting to get organised and make some plans for my future, what ever it may be. I thought that while I try to figure that out I might as well document it for the world to enjoy (your welcome 😛 ). I am sure to have some ups and downs as I figure out things like a job, taxes, how to have a healthy lifestyle, relationships and much more. I can pretty much guarantee that I will have more drama in my life than Sex & the City and more cocktails too 😉 .

So join me as I, no doubt, make a fool of myself traversing this new world, learning the lingo and butchering the customs. Watch me as I learn how to adult successfully and without too many failures *fingers crossed*.

Amy xo