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January Favourites

January 29, 2018

This is a post I have been waiting to write all month! My first ever monthly favourites post is here, detailing all of the things I enjoyed most in January. From beauty to TV shows, I have tried to include a bit of everything into this post. Variety is the spice of life right?!

Monthly favourites are some of my favourite posts to read as I am always on the lookout for new things to try and, hopefully, love. I find these types of posts so helpful because so many new products are launched at the same time, many of them having the same purpose, so it can be difficult to know which one to buy. However, if someone you know and whose opinions you trust loves it then surely it’s a no brainer right?! I know I’m new to this blogging thing and therefore you don’t know if you can trust my opinions yet but a girl has to start somewhere! If even one person decides to try something from my favourites I’ll be a happy girl!

So without further rambling, here are my January favourites divided up into different categories because I am all about that organisation!!


De’Lanci eye shadow palette 

Retail Price = £10.97

I received this eye shadow palette for Christmas and it is fast becoming one of my new favourite palettes. The brand is one that I found when scrolling around Amazon and fell in love with because they had a dupe of the Morphe 350 palette that was sold out everywhere at the time. I got that palette for Christmas 2016 and have used it non stop all year so I was fairly confident that I would love this one too!

The eye shadows are so pigmented and come with both matte and shimmer shades. You need only apply the barest amount and build up the colour otherwise you will experience some fallout. The shadows can be easily blended too so you can get some gorgeous eye looks out of this palette even if you are not very skilled at applying make up. Gold, bronze and browns are my go to shades but I have been trying to mix things up with some brighter colours and, as I have blue eyes, I knew purples were a good starting point. These are brilliant palettes to bring travelling as you can create so many different looks!

Soph x Makeup Revolution eye shadow palette

Retail Price = £10

I put off buying this palette for so long as I wasn’t familiar with the brand and was a bit doubtful of the quality due to the low price. However, I have been pleasantly surprised and it is now becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands. The colour selection in this palette is drool worthy! It has everything you need from the perfect transition shade “Cuppa Tea” to gorgeous shimmers like “Sparks Fly”. It’s a palette that can bring you’re eye makeup from day to night very easily!

The colours are fairly pigmented but can come out quite light, especially the matte shades. However, they are easily build-able and blend really well. I suggest wetting your brush or applying a bit of concealer on your eye before using the shimmers in order to get the best pigment out of them!


Simple Moisturiser

Retail Price = £5.49

I have very dry skin so I am constantly trying new moisturisers to find one that doesn’t leave my skin looking dehydrated! I have used this simple moisturiser for about 3-4 months everyday and have loved it. For the price it costs, it did exactly what I needed it to do. It left my skin feeling fresh and smooth. You don’t even need to cake it on, the tiniest amount will hydrate your whole face! It has SPF 15 in it which is the perfect amount for some Winter sun. Personally I would prefer to have a higher SPF in the Summer so this will remain a Winter moisturiser for me.

I would say it lasts for about 8-10 hours before my skin started to dry out again but by that time I would usually be back at home so no one would be able to see my dry skin! I am going to continue to try out other budget moisturisers but this is definitely one I would be happy to use again!



Blue Lace Dress- Coast

I had a family wedding on New Year’s Day and had been searching for a dress to wear for months! I had looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything that I liked. It wasn’t until I made a day trip to Dublin to go shopping in the post Christmas sales that I found this gorgeous dress in Coast. It is everything I love being both lacy and blue! The dress is figure hugging to the knees and then fans out with the back being slightly longer than the front.

Coast isn’t a shop I go to often mainly because they are quite expensive but their sales are brilliant! I got this dress for only €79 down from €190. Talk about a bargain!! Unfortunately I think it is sold out now as I couldn’t find the link for it, but Coast have some amazing dresses still on sale, so their website is worth a good look!

Cream Faux Fur Lined Aviator Coat- New Look

Original Retail Price= £59.99

Sale Price= £35.00

I picked up this aviator coat in the New Look sale and I am in love with it. I had been eyeing up similar coats all Winter, desperate to get one but unwilling to shell out a ton of money for it. So when I saw it in the sale I couldn’t resist. There were loads of colours to choose from but I went with a cream one as I knew it would go with everything and all of my other coats are dark colours. It is the warmest thing I have put on all Winter and if I could wear it everyday I would.

I feel like it makes any outfit look slightly more put together which makes my life so much easier. This coat with skinny jeans and a pair of boots looks so simple but elegant and stylish, it’s fast becoming my go to outfit! This is definitely a coat that will last me from year to year as well, as this style keeps coming back into fashion!


Pink converse

I have loved converse ever since I received my first pair when I was nine years old. They were pink and so comfy to wear, the fact that Hilary duff had pink converse in “a Cinderella story” just made me love them even more. What’s good enough for Hilary is definitely good enough for me!! I then moved on to a pair that had animated characters along the sides and got made fun of because I wore “Grunger” shoes but it didn’t bother me because I really like them. I am proud to say that I liked converse before they cam back into fashion in 2009!

Nowadays, I have mainly high tops so I wanted to get a pair of low tops and loved the idea of getting back to the pink pair after over 10 years without them! I picked them up in the January sales and have worn them everyday since! They now look really dirty but I mean converse aren’t meant to be clean right?!

TV shows

How to get away with murder

I have watched HTGAWM for years now but season three has just arrived to Irish Netflix and I was obsessed. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I binge watched the entire series in two days 🙈 I’m sorry but it’s so intense and it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next that I had to keep pressing the next episode button.

This series knows how to attract the viewers attention through its clever use of flashbacks that slowly give you clues to solving the murder. I definitely preferred this season to the second season but I feel like they are beginning to struggle to keep the story line going as realistically how many murders can one small group of people be involved in before getting caught! Despite that I am still desperate to see the next season (which has already aired on US TV) but know I am going to have to wait an age before it’s on Netflix! I guess I will just have to re-watch from season one in the meantime.

Derry Girls

This is a new show that airs on Channel 4, Thursday night at 10 pm. There have only been four episodes but I am obsessed already! Thankfully everyone else loves it too and they signed on to do a second series after just the first episode had aired! It’s set in 1990’s Derry in Northern Ireland. It follows the lives of four teenage girls and one boy as they traverse the ups and downs in life.

It tells a comedic story of Irish life during what was a horrific time in Irish history known as “The Troubles”. The comedy is so refreshing and brings a heavy dose of nostalgia to anyone who has grown up in Ireland. The references are one point and the one-liners are comedic gold. Michelle is by far my favourite character. She is fierce, the tough cool girl of the group and she without doubt has the best lines!


I think friends is going to be on a lot of people’s favourites list this month! Netflix UK & Ireland finally added all ten seasons of friends to their site on New Year’s Eve. It was without doubt the best way to start 2018 by watching my favourite friends episodes.

Friends first came out the year I was born so it feels like I have been watching it since birth. I have older siblings and I remember watching it on TV with them every week. We would record every episode on video tapes, so we could re-watch it during the week. We were so obsessed with the show that we have our TV recorded videos, actual VHS tapes of the first few seasons and then all ten seasons on DVD! We also have the friends trivia board game.

I am so happy that I had older siblings and therefore got forced to watch it growing up because I think people who were watching it as it aired connect more to it than those just watching it now. We know what it was like having to wait a week to find out if Ross and Rachel would get back together! The suspense killed us!!

Having friends on every day in January made me so happy, I still laugh at the jokes, feel envious of their style and of course I still clap at the Intro 🙌🏻

Note: If you don’t clap at the Intro to friends you aren’t a real fan 😂

Amy xo